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About Ares Galaxy

Ares Galaxy is a file sharing application that allows you to find the latest music, movies, games and software all within one P2P network. It provides all of the necessary functions to find your favourite media and best of all there's absolutely no cost at all associated with it. You can find a free download right now and then get all of the files you could ever require. On our website we're going to try and supply you with as much information as we possibly can to make sure you're fully informed about what you're doing.

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Ares Galaxy was originally created back in 2002. It was based on another popular file sharing application of its time called Gnutella, it simply connected into their network until the developers of Ares realised that they were held back by the limitations of it and decided to just start their own network instead. This was a very risky decision to make, who knew at the time how popular the software would become, maybe nobody at all would use it. Luckily, this wasn't the case.

In 2005, the tool decided to become open source. This was because it started facing legal problems from the Government who really wanted this file sharing program to be stopped so nobody would be able to obtain files. The best way the developers thought of to solve the issue once and for all was by releasing the source code, making sure the network would never die - if the Government got to them, there would always be other people with the source who could simply start it going on. This was a concept that saved the software and has kept it going as long as it has.


Media Player - A media player has been built in to allow you to preview and play all media files that you download through either the Ares Galaxy P2P network or the torrent protocol which is fully supported by this application.

Library - If you want to keep your data organised then using the library feature is a great way of doing so. You can group files into categories and sort them by many different techniques, all so things become easier for you.

Internet Browser - You can even browse the internet directly in the application, there's an internet browser which means you don't have to use an external piece of software like Google Chrome or Firefox. The tool tries to meet all of your needs by including everything all in one excellent piece of file sharing software.


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